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agricultural drone

swarm intelligence

Will precision agriculture bring you food grown by drones, using swarm intelligence?

Drones will help farmers to map weeds in their field, and improve crop yields. This is the promise of a research project funded by ECHORD++ called ‘SAGA: mehr...
DJI Phantom

AGRIBOTIX™ brings portable, affordable drone and analytics solutions built on DJI™ Phantom™ to agriculture

Emerging leader in agricultural intelligence, Agribotix,™ announced the immediate availability of a complete agricultural drone solution that enables anyone to evaluate the health of an entire field. The package bundles Agribotix’s purpose-built FarmLens™ agricultural data and analytics service with DJI’s lauded PHANTOM drone platform. mehr...

precision agriculture


infrared camera


swarm intelligence






agricultural drone


DJI Phantom




infrared (NIR) camera


NIR camera




field-level imagery

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